We represent a collaboration of creative minds driven by all things artistic, brought together through the medium of hair.
— notjust

A shared obsession with shape formation, structure and colours that flow and compliment one another to form a seemingly accomplished aesthetic. 

We embrace the fundamental principles of Barbering, but apply them meticulously with our own neo-traditional artistry.

Barbering allows us to create Art in a conventional way on a daily basis.

We have made a range of mediums to allow you to dress your hair correctly, illuminating your look.

notjust mediums are a new array of styling products, created by us. We have chosen a small range to showcase your hair. Each of the notjust mediums create their own distinct texture and finish,  our range can be applied to any canvas, none gender specific, no lines drawn.

FOUR statement products UNDERCOAT// CHALK// PASTEL// ACRYLIC// a sophisticated pallet of versatility.

There is no competition when you manifest your own lane.
— notjust