Director/Educator at notjust.


Juggler of anything creative. Hair or Art, it is all an expression of our influences.

After completing my Fine Art Degree I decided on a life of cutting hair. I was passionate about finding a more mainstream output of creativity that would support my work as an Artist, allow me to travel, and locate myself within urban surroundings.

I believe that a haircut should be tailored to the individual with artistry.

Highly experienced and Internationally developed, having worked in Sydney at 'The Barbershop' and Amsterdam at 'Cut Throat' before owning 'notjust' Manchester.

I feel having travelled with this craft it has given me a much fairer understanding of trends and taste worldwide, in turn making my cutting much more informed and versatile.

There is nothing better than meeting people everyday in your chair, having a chat about the world... places, people, music, fashion and essentially helping them achieve a better hair standard!

This is a lifestyle that gives me great pleasure and pride, Barbering allows me to 'make' in an alternative form to conventional Art on a daily basis and with every day my network continues to multiply.