Alex Culley.

Barber > Senior Barber, UK.

“With initially being a self-taught barber I found that I had reached a plateau in the quality of my work which was becoming increasingly difficult to move away from. Completing the 10 week course at Notjust has not only moved me on from that but has pushed me to a level and given me skills beyond even what I had hoped for. Tom’s hands on teaching approach combined with the relaxed environment and one to one focus really maximised what I could’ve taken away from each week. Anyone thinking of getting into the industry or just looking to take their work to higher levels, give this set up some serious consideration.”


Dom Latham.

Junior > Manager Barber, UK.

"The 10 week training with Tommy was by far the best career investment I've ever made. The course is unique to every learner and from my personal experience iit allowed me to perfect certain areas of my work whilst also strengthening the areas I felt were my weakest.

The course booklet provided was updated every week with written explanations of why we did everything we did to ensure I wasn't just shown a technique but I also understood what the end result of each action would be.

Since the course I am now fluent in my understanding of different sectioning patterns and use of over-direction as well as adding 6 new scissor techniques to my arsenal. Consistency in your work is an ongoing theme throughout the training and the demand for this has made my work a lot more fluent allowing me to spend much less time thinking about haircuts before starting them and spend that extra time fine tuning my end result. "



David Cope. 

Novice > Junior Barber, UK.

"Like most people who are trying to get into barbering I was clueless, I came across Nathan via social media as he had gained a good reputation in Manchester, Nathan reached out to me when I expressed my interest in becoming a barber.

From the get go he explained to me the course that Notjust offered and what it all entails, he broke down all units clearly and made sure I understood what the course was about. I finished my 10 week course with Nathan and I can safely say I’ve learnt much more with him as my mentor than I would of had going to college for 1 year with a class full of 20+ people.

The 1 to 1 training was vital as the information and training being relayed was being taken in with ease, Nathan didn’t just teach, he challenged me throughout my training asking me questions while I was cutting to ensure I understand what I was doing and why I was doing it. He has a genuine passion for the industry and you can see it throughout his training & Work, Nathan & Tommy both offered further support outside of training hours and are enthusiastic about me popping into the studio every now and then to watch them cut. I would advise anyone wanting a career change or something new in life to start right and start at Notjust, keep on keeping on lads! “