sam moore.

Head Stylist at notjust.

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Born in Manchester but raised in Cornwall for my early years of life, I have been surrounded by many cultures and different ways of living. Mostly influenced by the skateboarding scene, I have always been inspired to get up and go out exploring.

My toughest test was moving to France where I had to discover and learn a new language. Having moved over there with little understanding I quickly involved myself with many activities to help develop my skills. This is where I became fluent in another language within 12 months.

After a short term in France this is when we moved back to Manchester where I had to once again get involved with a new group of people. This is where I picked up my passion for music and learnt to play the drums. Creating a band and doing gigs all over Manchester helped me to push my creative outlet.

After working in retail and not being able to fully enjoy working in that environment I decided to take a step back and go back to college to invest in a trade I was passionate about and this is how I get into barbering.

A few years down the line and this is when I first came into contact with Nath and Tommy. Sharing the same vision and goals, I knew I had to be a part of the brand NotJust.