Manchester Barbers

Modern Manchester Barbering, Re-Imagined.

A hair gallery. A museum of modern works portrayed in a pure format, free of pretension and the flaws of a hostile environment. An artistic space, a realm of mediums and creative outputs encompassed in a core medium driving the free thinkers of the city forward: hair.

Specifically, the refined art of cutting hair in Manchester, a city that knows all too well what occurs when the wants of the individual are satisfied. Creativity Occurs. In this instance, creativity occurs with the notjust a brand new location in which the collective will be providing the highest quality of services to clients that demand more, and deserve better. We exist to give you what you know you deserve. A truly unique barbering experience, in an inspired and innovative space.

We represent the muffled cries of an innovative city, setting out with a vision to provide a dynamic space in which like-minded individuals can experience art in the form of hair.

Modern barbering is often overlooked as an art form, and we aim to bring it back to its roots. When arriving at our space, you do not only get a haircut, you get an experience. Our space is as inspired as it is modern, with a clean design aesthetic hailing from crisp Scandinavian influences, and a moulding of minds between the collective. 

notjust allows free thinkers to break from the norm, escape the tiresome industrial backdrop of Manchester, and become involved in something more.

Like many forms of art, hair is completely personal, reflective of taste and influence, and an aspect of art which we at notjust take very seriously.

Experience the new era of Hairdressing

Art is subjective, and something which must be experienced. From the unique haircut you will receive, to the space you will experience, we aim to be a barbers in Manchester with something more to offer than a quick cut, and a blank canvas.

Changing the Manchester Barbers scene

The point of notjust is not to simply hand out uninspired haircuts in the centre of Manchester. The collective established notjust as a means of challenging barbering as it currently is, and to allow clients to understand how a haircut can truly transform their lives. 

And this is the standout point of the efforts of the collective; the care put in to the craft. At notjust, each client gets individual advice, to truly unlock the individual within. Manchester is a creative city, and notjust are here to bloom in the heart of the creative scene. 

At notjust, we treat barbering differently. The modern approach is not that of a quick trim, it is a much more considered process with direct client input. With each cut, the ego of the barber is not present - The process is informed by the individual, with a result reflecting the unique artistic process the collective lives by.

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