Manchester Barber Courses & Tuition

Global Possibilities from our Manchester Barbers

The nomad life is not an unrealistic dream. To realise your creative potential is an individual pursuit, an often introspective journey into what makes you tick.

For the notjust collective, and for many others who crave the journey down the path less travelled, this pursuit is barbering. The art of cutting hair, and the amalgamation of an insatiable desire to create, the appeal of barbering is growing as more and more people begin to lose faith in the rat race.


Become more than a barber in Manchester

Becoming a barber offers the chance to travel, to socialise, and more importantly, to live the life you want to live. Creativity is often stifled in the modern working environment, where true individuals cannot thrive and develop their creative potential.

If this feels like we’re talking about you, then embrace the change you inevitably seek.

Our barbering tuition in Manchester’s’ Northern Quarter (and at our notjust studio) is split across three options: 5 week, 10 week and workshops. From newly established barbers and beginners to barbers in Manchester and the surrounding areas looking to grow their artistic remit, the notjust academy provides the opportunity to improve your craft.

Many creative individuals are waking up to the possibilties and freedom a career in barbering opens up. And the courses are not only for complete beginner barbers too. If you've been barbering for a while and things have started to go stale, then there's no better remedy than a course that will allow the creative flair to re-emerge. 

Whether you're looking to brush up on your craft, or if you want to offer more than the standard cut (such as Manchester beard trimming or alternative stylings), then there's no time to wait and let the opportunity pass you by. 

To find out more, check out the academy pages above, or drop us a message to get the conversation started.

To experience what it’s like to get a haircut from a Northern Quarter Barbers who do things differently, get booked in today.