If you are looking to get serious about your appearance, the notjust collective are just as serious about making your unique style a reality. 

With a membership at notjust, you can choose from 2 or 4 haircuts a month - both options result in a discounted yearly cost of cuts, and allow you to schedule your hair styling appointments regularly. You can also prioritise styles and shapes as standard. 

Discover the premium levels of mens hairdressing from the notjust Manchester base, right in the centre of Northern Quarter. 

Premium, Unique Cuts // notjust a membership


The Black Membership is the ultimate offering from the notjust collective. 4 cuts a month, tailored to your specification. Executive cuts in the city, crafted to the style of the individual. Manifest your own lane with the premium barbers membership at notjust. 

Cost: £995 Saving: 3 Months Complimentary Cuts


If you're having regular haircuts but don't want to commit to 4 in a month, then give the Rhodium Membership a thought. At 2 cuts a month, you'll still be making a saving with 2 months of complimentary cuts. The same executive cuts, at a time that suits you. 

Cost: £575 Saving: 2 Months Complimentary Cuts