Hair Mediums.  

"As Artists it’s important that we use our own concoctions to enrich our work. notjust mediums are an array of styling products, created by us.

Each of the notjust mediums create their own distinct texture and finish, our range can be applied to any canvas, none gender specific, no lines drawn and will help showcase your hair."




PASTEL is our most popular. It has the perfect balance, strong hold, texture enhancement and next to no shine.

*Use PRIMER as a prep for extra texture and grit*



ACRYLIC,  a low shine but HIGH hold medium that works tremendously on thick and hard to manage hair, this product will moisturise and tame thick or frizzy hair.

image1 (2).JPG


PRIMER is the base for all notjust hair products. The NEW style of sea salt spray that gives you all the texture, grit & grip with the added protection and nourishment from essential coconut oil.

*Coconut oil acts as a conditioner which will help if you have dry/thick/frizzy/curly hair! OR if your hair is fine & lightweight the sea salt with give you all the texture and added thickness you need!

*Apply to towel dried hair and blow dry into shape, or leave to air dry for a beachy lived in look*

Exclusive Hair Styling Products // Barbering Mediums

All our products are available in studio at our Manchester Northern Quarter Location. The Mediums are used throughout all our services and we can talk you through our hair product range in person if you wish, simply stop by.

 notjust Hair mediums offer something beside the traditional Barber  solutions you would usually find in any modern Barbers today, often greasy, heavy in texture and smell rather clinical, each of the range PASTEL// ACRYLIC// PRIMER// are formulated with unique fruit notes.

The Hair products are all water based end easy to apply, wash off your hands and most importantly shampoo out, if you are in Manchester and love your hair come and visit us for a Haircut and finish all inclusive by notjust.