Head Stylist and Educator at notjust.

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“Manchester breaks those walls.”

After finishing secondary education my initial intentions were to follow on and continue with my playing and writing of music, as early on music provided me with an outlet for my almost furious creativity, BUT, after enrolling in further education at a music school I soon realised it wasn’t for me, I felt slightly misaligned somehow…

The dilemma then presented itself, I had no idea what my future was going to be, only that I was good with my hands and that I needed to practice within this generalisation. I took a plunge and enrolled into a hairdressing course, quickly I developed a passion for hair and soon started to be directed into men’s hair dressing, it felt natural for me. After finishing the course fluently an apprenticeship gave me my stepping stone enabling me to build a reputable name and a great clientele soon on. I moved to the best place Lincoln could offer me and carried on growing and working until being reached out to by Nathan, then found not just.

Alongside hair will always come fashion and that is a massive part of my personality. I have a deep interest in fashion subcultures such as the mod movement, casual style, with acknowledgments towards vintage and high end fashion. I found myself linking interests together and soon realised that it all made sense. My career conjoins everything I love in one; hairdressing, fashion and music, hobbies that helps me show my personal expression. I am me.

Manchester is the location that hosts all to me, a developed city where it’s not uncommon to find people who have an outward way of thinking, diverse and receptive of ALL ideas. Coming from a small enclosed space it’s a normality to be trapped in a set way of thinking/doing, Manchester breaks those walls.