notjust // infinite growth in Northern Quarter

Change is inevitable, infinite, and at the core of what we believe in. Our studio is not just a place to get your hair cut in Northern Quarter. Our Manchester location is rapidly becoming enveloped by our creative reach, progressing towards a collaboration of minds and creative individuals across the city of Manchester. 


Our creative efforts have resulted in our own range of hair mediums. The range reflects everything that notjust is about; clean, precise, and essential for extending creative efforts to your hair. Our products blend the creative process of hairdressing, and the clean-cut precision of our design. From grease-free chalk and our best-selling pastel, to the fresh finish of our acrylic and the notjust undercoat (the base of our mediums), this range has allowed the notjust ethos to continue from our studio to the lives of the individuals who experience our processes. 


The blend of creative actions does not end here. We aim to continue to draw from the inspiration of the Northern Quarter, to extract influence from running a new barbers in Manchester, and to fuse the inspiration that this city provides with our own artistic expressions. 


notjust // a barbers // a creative space in Manchester // a clothing line // an artistic expression // a mark of individuality 

Experience the change. Get booked in to our Northern Quarter barbers at the notjust booksy link