Services & Development

We’re not about telling the individuals who find our space what they need. As a creative force we’ve always sought to challenge conventions, and believe that this starts and ends with what is ultimately the deciding factors in how the notjust brand is represented; the finished work on our clients.

We’ve listened to the needs of clients, and whilst we feel that our prices are a fair representation of the levels of service that you will not find anywhere else in Manchester, many busy individuals in the city may not have the time or money for regular, ‘full package’ cuts. The collective are proud to introduce the following additions to our expanding offering, in-line with the needs of the clients who we’re lucky enough to receive feedback from. And we’ve listened.


Only The Sides

The ‘Buzz’ Cut

Haircut. (plus+)

Read more about the above services and the existing cuts that the collective regularly provide from our Ancoats base.

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