notjust x Yoi Scissors

notjust // Yoi Scissors // An Exclusive Collaboration

My business aims to provide the Barbers and Salons of the North West with the highest quality equipment on the market. Specialising in scissor sales and scissor sharpening, and using exclusive sharpening equipment from Sukura (Japan) I am trained in the most up to date sharpening techniques in the world, as well as selling my own high-end scissor brand and every major top end brand of scissor available globally.

Having started my business twelve years ago in Scotland, I soon moved the business hub to Manchester where I could access top salons and barbershops across the country. On building the business and growing the confidence in Yoi Scissors within the North West, part of that experience was following the journey of two barbers as they built their successful business as the same time as I built mine. The notjust duo, Tommy and Nathan, inspired me to push the boundaries of my brand as they developed their own.

Business, Creativity & Collaboration

When it comes to scissors, we have evolved our business ideas and are now combining our journey with the aim to create an outstanding service in the barbering industry.

We have agreed that there needs to be a consistency in hair tools across the shop floor where everyone is using top of the range equipment. Supplying notjust with my own model of scissor (Yoi chopper) will provide uniformity across the shop, which is quite unique within the industry. While allowing notjust to push the boundaries of prestige in their field of expertise.