Artistic Development of Space

The new, reimagined notjust space comes with a promise to the city, and a pledge from the collective - To develop from a hairdressing space to a full creative realm, an artistic endeavour spurred by initial growth to develop exponentially alongside the artistic development of the collective, matching the growing notjust brand and all it encompasses.

‘With Simplicity’ is the first installation in the notjust space, a minimal, modern piece from Tom Burbidge of the notjust founding collective.

As the space expands, notjust will be collaborating with artists to transform the barbering space into a live exhibition space, a pulsing membrane of the wider artistic community to showcase local talent and provide an inspired space for clients and the collective alike.

Not experienced notjust at The Astley? Get booked in today.

See more of Tom’s artwork and artistic processes here.

notjust with simplicity .jpeg