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A Fresh Speck of Ivory on a Grey Canvas

Artistic Outputs / Creative Expressions / An Immersive Space

What happens when a group of individuals realise the intentions of the group think, and mould to the zeitgeist of the needs of a locality? Or, more simply, what happens when a collective take the wants and needs of the prime movers in a city and give the individuals what they want? Innovation happens.

Innovation cannot be forced, rather formed out of a conscious effort to grow, and a subliminal need to express individual efforts continually in a physical form. This is what the notjust collective have delivered, have strived for since notjust’s inception and have resulted in with what is Manchester’s most exclusive and truly individualistic hairdressing space. No longer content with being referred to simply as a barbers in Manchester, we’re pushing the boundaries and daring the city to think outside of the box.

notjust at The Astley is a hair gallery, an exhibition space, an artistic brand and an events space dedicated to pushing the creative output of the city forward. This is no longer just about us, it’s the creative efforts of the city in which we thrive.

notjust is re-imagined at: The Astley, Unit 3, 61 Houldsworth St / Manchester NQ / Ancoats

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