Constant Growth

Manchester Barbers - The Next Chapter

From the start, we’ve never been about staying still. Growth is at the core of our being, a pledge between the collective to never settle and sit back once the notjust brand flourished across the city.

// Experience The Next Chapter //

Growth for growths sake is also not why we’re in this. Each move we make whether it’s offering barbering tuition to individuals looking to escape the 9-5, to developing a line of mediums that challenge the high street and reflect our dedication to quality, is carefully planned and strategically executed to ensure our standards do not fall, and neither do those of our clients.

// Uninspired Spaces invite Uninspired Faces //

With this, we’re pleased to announce the next chapter in the development of notjust. A brand new space, an inclusive environment for free thinkers, individuals, artists, and city-dwellers looking for an escape from the mundane. We’re all about offering much more than a haircut, what we provide is the inspiration to dare to change.

notjust a haircut, notjust a barbers, and notjust a place to dip in and out of when it’s time for a cut. It’s time for our development, and we invite you to grow with us too.

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// We Move In Whispers & Emerge In Shouts //