notjust Reveals LUKE MENIKMATI

Our second interview of the series of "notjust Reveals".

notjust Reveals LUKE MENIKMATI - Creative


notjust - Mr.Menikmati, Talk about yourself.

Luke - I live through my work in that it guides who I am and what I do, and my name represents that, part personal, part working life. My friends are colleagues, my bedroom is an office and my studio’s a safe-house. I run, in my own mind, a self briefed masters degree in visual communication, the day I graduate is the day I die.

[Left] Luke Menikmati [Right] Gaika

[Left] Luke Menikmati [Right] Gaika

notjust - You definitely are an all round creative, as in.. you do pretty much anything creative/design based. you mention 'Clothing design, Graphic design, Styling and custom merch production' Pin yourself to just ONE field.. which one is it and whats your reasoning behind it?

Luke - Personally I don't work to just one field, they all link, a product or project will usually have all of those creative aspects within it, a piece of clothing will be designed, and have graphic design on or in it, merch will include Styling, For now, I don't over estimate my ability and call in professionals who can do certain things to a higher standard, but I see the whole thing as a utility belt that you can keep adding to, eventually I wanna get to that stage where everything can be done in house by myself alone.

notjust - We're fully aware of how busy you are! With in the creative/self employed sector, you never actually have a "Day off" but when you DO manage to get the break from the chaos, what is going on behind the scenes of Luke Menikmati?

Luke - If you surround yourself with positive projects and manage to keep running at full speed self employed the concept of ‘work’ falls away. Like the Mark Twain quote about finding something you love - he wasn't the first to say that and definitely not the first to think it, i‘ll find myself sucked into projects on day’s i’d said id have ‘off’, but i’m liking that. I take hours off instead of days, it’s both Saturday nights and Monday morning at all times, sometimes working 'til 4am sometimes watching a film or playing GTA in bed in the day.


notjust - As this is a 'Revealing' project, please can you give us an exclusive insight that you shouldn't really be talking about just yet!?

Luke - I’ve just now worked out dates so the next drop for a side clothing project - can’t name it for current legal reasons, will be 30.8.18. - And i’m back in tattooing again on 5th September.

notjust - Direction. When configuring your goals and timelines, which avenues are you most definitely wanting to stand your ground in to develop your brand and take it to the next tier?

Luke - My main focus is Armour in Heaven, a clothing concept, the avenues reflect that, like, photography i’ve not seen done before, conceptual film and full soundscape production for shows and then installations. I’d see it all sitting as a gallery piece with archived clothing and the history & ideas carved in stone.

Armour in Heaven

Armour in Heaven

Luke Menikmati. @armourinheaven @ma_menikmati

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