Academy Moves & Continued Growth

If you're a follower of the collective, you'll no doubt be aware of the latest branch into barber tuition and the actions of promoting individual growth across the city. 

The nomad lifestyle is one that is, more than ever, highly-sought after but rarely pursued. In the age of Instagram and social media it's incredibly common for disheartened souls to be baring their hopes and dreams publicly. It can be incredibly easy to feel deflated with a current job, a current way of life, and a current mould. We are here to provide a challenge to that way of thinking, and for the artistically and creatively inclined, a career in barbering could just be the change you seek. 

Discover the 10 week programme, the notjust academy, and the refreshing way to break out of the mould. 

Challenge what you know, leave the familiar, and step into a creative atmosphere where individuality is realised and development is fostered. 

Not had a cut with the collective yet? Experience the change