Interview Series // Daniela Rubino

One part of creative development is fostering growth in the artistic community. The aim of the collective at notjust isn't solely centred on the development of the individual; emanating waves of creativity from our base which touches the broader community and inspires artistic development is as much of a goal as the sole growth of the brands clientele. 
With this is mind, the collective sat down with Daniela Rubino, a London-based artist whose style is as individual as it is reflective of the notjust ethos. Below is an interview with the artist, a first in an ongoing series of interviews based around the creative environment. From exclusive Manchester barbering to artistic endeavours, the creative process must be encouraged and explored: 
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Where are you based? 

I am based in North London. My studio is in Blackhorse Workshops near Walthamstow, I have only recently move there. Its nice to be working alongside other people rather than being on my own! 

Where did it all start? 

My business started after graduating art school, I studied Fine Art at central st martins, I wanted to continue creating/making/working with my hands in order to make an income. So I went down the making furniture and homewares route....  

I always knew wanted a job making from a young age because I wanted to be exactly like my Dad who is a super talented carpenter. I would take my Dads off cuts of wood and try and build things by poorly nailing and gluing it all together. 

How would you incapsulate in a few words what you do and how you want your work to be perceived by the world? 

Make a mess... haha 

How do I want my work to be perceived.... Well  I want to project the idea of stability and support within my work. I am attracted to things that create solid structure and foundations hence why I mainly use metal and concrete to create my furniture. I believe once you have some form of stability, support and structure this can provide the basis for progression, development and growth. So most of my pieces of furniture are robust, heavy, built to last!

Alongside working with metal and concrete I find teaching yoga also provides this structure in the life and work of myself and students.

What would you regard to be your more successful/favourite/staple pieces?

I would say the coffee table, its most popular for sure. Its simple in design and I guess we all need a coffee table.

One of my favourite pieces is the bespoke wine wrack I made a few months back...

I also really love the smaller pieces I have recently made, coasters and incense burners have been super popular.

Are there any current showings, collections or publications of your work at the moment? 

Not at the moment, I am mainly working on bespoke pieces and coffee tables!

What’s next?

I am going to work on some workshops soon, teaching others some of the skills I have. Get more people making!

For more information be sure to check out the links below: 

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