Uncommon Processes

The worst thing any process can become is repetitive. A process, in essence, is a set of steps taken to achieve a primary objective… And, when the objective is art, the process must be unique. Viewing hair as art is a unique perspective to hold, and speaks volumes for the notjust approach to changing the way Manchester individuals view their hair. 


The notjust process is not about following a trend, applying a worn approach to the craft, or continuing down the travelled path. Rather, the collective exist to challenge the system, disrupt the mundane, and transform modern barbering into what is should be: an individualistic expression that yields unique results. 

No two cuts should ever be the same, and they never will be within the notjust studio. 


// Uncommon Processes in a Common Landscape //

This process is now being brought to the forefront of barbering for beginners, with the notjust barbering classes in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Learn more about the notjust Manchester Beginners Barbering Course to get involved and pursue your individual path.

From fades to shaves, tutoring to mediums, it’s time for your internal individualism to merge with your external output. Start the change with a cut from the Manchester barber collective - Book with notjust