Manchester Hairdressers // A Fresh Approach

notjust is centred around growth. Brand growth, collective growth, and inspiring growth for our clients across Manchester and beyond. 


The latest creative outlet to grip the city is the notjust barbering course, a city-centre series of classes from the notjust collective, allowing individuals to realise their potential in the world of hair (and viewing hair as art as the collective does). 

Conventional Art in a Unique Format 

As ever, this growth is not slowing or changing course. The ethos of the collective was always to challenge the ideologies behind mens barbering, and hairdressing in general. This is where notjust is positioned, and always will be; a subset of all mediums of the hair craft, branching out to offer premium hairdressing in Manchester whilst remaining true to their barbering roots. 


Premium Hairdressing in Manchester // A Changing Craft

This identification as much more than a barbers is a homage to the craft of the collective, and a nod to their inspirations which keep their outlook broadening along the horizon of the city, enveloping their desire to offer more. And that is exactly what notjust is about. 

A premium cut, in a unique setting. Whether you're looking for a Manchester Barbers or a Premium Hairdressing Experience in Northern Quarter, the collective can deliver. 

Manifesting Change as Constant Growth

Change is a constant in life, and the collective change of notjust exists to offer more, so you too can grow and change. Experience a truly individual cut // Get booked in with notjust