notjust Reveals ANIMAL CROSSING

notjust Reveals ANIMAL CROSSING

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What or who is Animal Crossing?

Hey man, thanks for having us, in a nut shell we're a music and arts collective who're doing our best as a group of friends to express ourselves creatively throwing innovative parties in undiscovered spaces showcasing the music we love.

notjust - The boys that are making an impact on Manchester! bringing events to the city that we have all been waiting for. Fun, energetic, high quality and very much needed! Please can you tell us how Animal Crossing come about?

AC - The kind words are appreciated, keeping things fun is very important for us and a key factor in how we all got together, when you're surrounded by likeminded people with a shared vision you can create something special, we decided to translate our thoughts to the dancefloor and this is our story so far.

notjust - One of the most noticeable specifics that stand out most to me with the Animal Crossing events (aside from the booking and sound quality) is the venues you guys use! What do you have in mind when searching for your next hot spot to shake a leg?

AC – A lot of time and effort goes into the venues, we showcase new unused spaces with each event; something people may not know is these are specifically selected to suit the sound we're showcasing, for example the party with Arapu is in a 100 capacity loft to accommodate those Romanian flavours, they deserve intimacy and a top shelf sound system. The essence of a private function will allow him to take everyone in attendance where they need to go.


notjust - Coming back to the bookings for a second, something that is also very apparent is the artists you book. Showcasing talent from various places.. is there a selection process involved in deciding who the next headliner will be?
AC - Music is key, there's so many talented DJ's and producers out there, we're spoilt for choice. As a collective we always ensure to provide unique selectors who're going to take us there musically, allowing these guys to have 3 / 4 hours to showcase their sound results in some very special journeys, long may they continue. 


notjust - To you guys individually, which events have been the best for you? and what was it about that particular event that got you?
AC - Every event is unique and different from the last so it's difficult to compare, everyone who's joined us so far has been amazing, leaving smiles and special memories from the energy and music they've provided. We all soak this in come close and aim to translate into the next dance - being forward thinking is essential. 

notjust - From Animal Crossing, what can we expect to see coming into 2019?
AC - Continuous positive progression, our vision is big and we're very excited to share what we have forthcoming in 2019 and beyond.

notjust - Lastly, the afters. The game changer. The final boss. The finisher. Firstly, I just want to say thank you! for bringing such a unique space to Manchester that has changed the way myself personally looks at events when attending. The excitement builds up towards (what is usually the end of the night) the start of the next chapter.

I don’t think this feature could even begin to put into words how much fun is endured throughout the event, but then to have the availability to go to a private afters that just keeps on giving, is just something else. Different.
AC - It's a special spot, thank you for dancing, this is what makes it for us, the positive comments, being able to stand aside seeing hands in the air and smiles on faces, it's an indescribable feeling - it's so inspiring to hear people are appreciating our vision so thank you to everyone who's attended, this is just the beginning. 

notjust - Do you have anything up your sleeve that you can announce exclusively for us to look forwards to?
AC - We have a new series coming in 2019, likeminded folk from across the globe will be coming to dance with us. It's something we're very excited to reveal. 

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