2019 Hair Trends - The one to Watch

Look out for this one mens hairdressing trend in 2019

From discovering the latest styles and cuts to getting an insight into the trends to look out for, we’ve outlined a snippet of the trend we’re seeing time and time again, and a style which is becoming integral to our work. Viewing hair as art, the world of barbering is ever-changing, and it’s vital for any serious barbers to stay at the forefront of their craft.

Rather than list several different trends, we wanted to outline more of a movement and what we’re seeing moving into 2019. Specifically, we’re focusing on the new era of hair, and how general styles of cuts are evolving.

A New Era of Structured Cuts

We’re seeing a definite shift towards minimalism in the sense of a reduction in length. This style can be categorised as a more ‘masculine’ approach, as the back and sides of the head are either becoming more tapered or generally shorter altogether to shift focus to spikier or heavier styled cut on top. Styling is much more considered on the top, with lines and imprints across the lower half of the head and sides for a truly individual look going into 2019.

We feel the cuts below outline this primary 2019 trend perfectly:


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