Constant Focus & Unwavering Growth in the City

The movement of the few is rarely perceived by the many. True growth comes from a shared goal, a mutual dream, or a desire for change that cannot be ignored. When it comes to hairdressing, no such form of change is truer than that of the ever-shifting trend of styles.

Staying relevant and keeping an eye on the barbering landscape is not something that should be seen as revolutionary. Many barbers simply take their foot off the gas, and it shows. The collective at notjust take the trend of relevancy to another level, carving their own path in the city to truly deny conformity, and take back what is missed from modern barbering… a sense of individuality.

So what does this all mean for you? It’s simple. The drive and focus the notjust collective place in developing their craft ultimately extends to the unique level of service you receive.

Whether that’s with a hair appointment from the notjust Manchester base, the range of mediums made to challenge the cut & paste offerings of the faceless chain stores, or the barber tuition on offer to those who are no strangers to change and creating their own lives; focus on motion and the development of the self with a Manchester barbers that truly care.

Avoid disappointment. Book in advance today.