The New Era of Manchester Barbers // Growth & Development


What does it mean to be a creative force and a barbers in Manchester? Keeping the ethos alive is paramount to growth, with reflection at the forefront of mastery in any field. With our roots firmly planted and established in Northern Quarter, we are continuing to cement ourselves as notjust the best barbers in Manchester, but as a network of creative ideologies stemming from our NQ base.

Our creative network continues to blossom, encompassing the landscape with a flair, a style, and a unique approach to the arts in a completely refreshing and unique way.

Whether it’s been growing our creative network with exclusive events for creatives who encompass the notjust brand, to focusing on the individual growth of our clients (starting with a truly unique Manchester haircut), and even our pursuit of goals as a collective tied into the notjust ethos (such as our mediums and barber tuition courses), our growth has never slowed.

We are truly invested in all of our clients in nurturing the individual within, urging our network to grow and express their talents, nurture their individuality and emerge as a flash of colour in a grey and uninspired landscape.

The change begins with the best haircut in Manchester. The notjust collective are here to deliver. Get booked in and discover the difference a truly unique and tailored haircut can provide.