notjust // Manchester Pride 2017 Haircut Discounts


As pride approaches and begins to take over Manchester by storm, we want you to look and feel tip top for the whole event! 

We take pride in how you look, so we're offering a reduced price on your hair service when you present your Pride ticket in the studio after your service. 

// Available 21st Aug - 26th Aug //

Availability is already low, so be sure to get your slot booked in now to secure good hair for Manchester Pride 2017! New and returning clients alike, we want you looking and feeling your best. And what better way than a haircut from notjust!

There's no reason why the streets of Manchester should not be flooded with the best haircuts, whilst having an amazing time at pride!

If you've yet to experience a haircut by the notjust collective, and the benefits of a barbers in Manchester who view your hair as art, then make sure you get booked in as soon as you can