notjust x WHP // Evolving our creative reach

Our status as a barbers in Northern Quarter, the lane we occupy as a creative force, and the reach of our collective is growing. When we established our ethos from day one, we set out to turn the landscape of Manchester barbering and creative ideologies tied to the city of Manchester on its head. 

We are pleased to announce the next link in a chain of events which will cement our ideology across all of our creative endeavors, prompting the notjust collective to constantly challenge ourselves across the broad spectrum of individual areas we occupy. 

We are now an official outlet for Warehouse Project tickets, and any customer who comes in with a WHP ticket will get a haircut for £22. 

So what does this mean for our customers and for our collective? It highlights our growth as a unit, a brand that truly reflects its ideologies, and a movement that practices what it preaches. 

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