The Creative Network // How To Emerge

A creative force in motion doesn’t slow. It evolves, grows and emerges from an uninspired landscape to establish an individual creative lane.

The force is in motion. Creativity lies at the heart of the collective, etched across everything we do and is molded into our growth.

Notjust the best barbers in Manchester. Notjust a barbering collective in northern quarter. And notjust a pursuit of creative ideas.

Where other manifestations of a creative pursuit may host specific events related to a niche, we do things differently. Having established our status as a barbering force based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, we aim to develop and extend the network to creatives across the city and ignite the sparks we emit from our base.

Our plan is simple. Exclusive networking events, held every 6 weeks for creatives in the city. Invite only for those within our books (and ongoing recipients of the best haircuts in Manchester).

We urge our clientele to meet up at our base, with the sole intent of bringing a creative attitude and an outlook of growth.

More information is to come. Keep an eye out for updates, and watch the collective for more creative disruptions in the city.

We grow in whispers and emerge in shouts. Experience the change with an appointment at notjust.

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