The new movement // Constant development

Establishing movement in the lane we have manifested and nurtured has been a goal of the notjust collective since day one.


The collaboration of creative efforts, our insatiable desire for growth, and ultimately our approach to our craft, has resulted in a swift 3 months of growth that could never have been expected.

Our brand, our identity, and goal to not just be happy with being the best barbers in Manchester, was not an idea simply born out of creative frustration. It was a spark, nurtured by the collective and brought to light by an unflinching goal;  to emerge onto the scene as individuals, to transform the landscape of ideas around us and project ourselves across Manchester’s Northern Quarter in a shout, not a whisper.

From our mediums and academy, to our collaborations with artist and free thinks across our network, we have only just started.

Experience the change, and shift your individual pursuit by starting with a haircut from our collective.

Infinite Growth // Infinite Possibilities.