Full EXCLUSIVITY is approaching

As it stands, we're now 75% booked up at notjust Barbers and still VERY young at only 12 weeks.

As we approach our 100% mark we want to urge anyone who hasn't tried us to do so as soon as possible.

We plan  to close our books and stop taking new clients on once we are full, with this tactic we will be the first exclusive Barbers in Manchester let alone the Northern Quarter!

The reasoning behind becoming exclusive, is we want to stay loyal to our clients that have been with us from day 1. We take pride in every aspect of the brand, we don't want to be apart of the "Barbering" community as it stands today because we feel it's becoming less of an enjoyable experience. We're pioneering our own lane to set us aside from the typical 'lads lads' Barbers or traditional Barbershop as you know it. 

over 120+ 5* reviews altogether can't be wrong.

GET your personal slot secured in with us and come and see what all the noise is about, join the movement for EXCLUSIVE events, exhibitions and just an all round good fucking vibe!!

 BOOK your hair appointment NOW before it's too late -  http://notjust.booksy.net/