Lee Davis is Prettygood..

Lee 'Prettygood' Davis is one of our most loyal clients, we were aware that he played vinyl in his bedroom and we have listened to his mixcloud mixes A LOT! So it was only right that we had him come and play in our Northern Quarter, Manchester Barbers. His diverse taste in music would work perfect with the vibe we're setting in Manchester so we made it happen. Prettygood is now going to be playing a monthly residency within our studio in Northern Quarter and we cant wait to have him back! Heres a little or a lot about what Prettygood wanted to say..

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"Creativity has always been my deepest passion. Anything creative; learning a new craft, enjoying art, or discovering new music. At college, I studied graphics and was keen to become an illustrator or graphic designer. Fast forward a few years and many club nights later, I gradually realised music was my calling. Without any formal training or background in music I never imagined I would be able to call myself a DJ, but the more I researched and the more I went out and listened and danced, the more I realised its exactly what I’m supposed to be." 


"I began hunting for novel sounds, new clubs, and near-religious festival experiences across the globe. That led me to slowly amass a vinyl collection and my first set of decks. When I started I had no clue what I was doing. I’d try to replicate the sounds of my favourite DJs without anyone to tell me if my attempts were right or wrong. To say it was challenging, would be putting it mildly. There were a few times I strongly considered giving it up, that maybe I wasn’t actually made for this. So its wild that I’m now transitioning from a bedroom DJ posting mixes online to spinning live sets around Manchester. And hopefully, one day, headlining those same clubs and festivals I thought I might only attend as a partier."


"There’s no one particular genre my personal taste or DJing style fits into; I’ve played with genres from Industrial Techno and Trance to Funk and African Disco. I like to keep an open mind depending on who I’m playing to and what mood I’m in. Jamie xx, Bicep, and Motor City Drum Ensemble are a few of the artists I take cues from as they always manage to amaze me with how seamlessly they blend genres and how they can uplift the crowd with fresh sounds the audience was never expecting."


"Never have I ever been so motivated to achieve something and I received so much fulfilment in return. Music is a powerful force—it can connect people not just in an intimate way, but innate ways as well. This is just the beginning for me. As I grow as an artist, I find all my old passions bubbling to the surface again; that my brand is my outlet for illustration, graphic design and music. Soon I’ll be producing my own tracks and I’ve got some big interesting ideas for the future. Watch this space. It is going to be pretty, pretty, prettygood."


Instagram: @ppprettygood

Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/prettygood


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