Creative Evolution // The notjust process


The pursuit of creative growth is infinite, and always should be. At notjust, our influences blend the fashion and design worlds, crossing paths with the independent style we have invented for our mission, and the influences of the lives we encounter when executing our craft.

The notjust collective have a strong background in art and design, which is why the mission base of our creative studio had to be in Northern Quarter, Manchester. Drawing from the influences of the studio we operate within, to absorbing the unique vibes of the city, we are constantly striving to transform what it means to be a barbers in Manchester, repositioning and shifting to always offer more than just a standard haircut.


With strong inspiration gained through an appreciation for Scandinavian design, a love of minimalist clothing brands such as Olive, Cos and Folk which insist the wearer must carve their own path (rather than absorb the landscape of a brand which tells an individual how they must appear), our Northern Quarter barber base is rapidly evolving into a lifestyle for both the notjust collective and the individuals who experience our craft.


So what does all this mean to someone looking for a barbers in Manchester? It means that we offer a shift of perception from the norm, a unique process for every head of hair we cut, and the opportunity for any weary and suppressed lives who cross our threshold to grow into the individual they strive to become.

Discover the notjust approach – get booked in to our Northern Quarter barbers today.