Interior Focus //

From the beginning of notjust we were never positioned as only a barbers in Manchester. We knew what the Manchester barber scene involved, and we knew that we didn’t want to limit our creative reach to one pursuit. Growth is infinite, a constant, and a driving force of our craft.

We are constantly discovering new ways to expand our ethos across the areas of art and design, particularly those that inspire us and allow us to mould (and realise) our creative intentions.

The evolution of notjust is rapid, enveloping the creative landscape of Manchester, drawing in artists and true individuals from across the city who occupy the same space of continual growth, and share our ethos of individual realisation.

One such individual is Thomas Longden. Fresh off the back of winning the Makers Dozen graduate showcase award, Thomas is gaining recognition for his unique ceramics and ability to transfer his natural observation into the physical realm of ceramic art.


“My work has always involved taking in my surroundings, particularly the natural world. I am drawn to forms, both simple and complex; the mystery of evolution fascinates me. I use photography to capture points of interest, then I distort and manipulate the image through drawing. I have created a range of function ceramics intended to hold plants but also to be handled and rearranged in whichever way the user intends.”

It is no secret that the root of our interior (and personal) influences lie at the heart of the minimalist movement. From Scandinavian interiors and lesser-branded fashion, we are slowly reinventing what it means to be a minimalist outfit, injecting a warmer mould of influence from the contrasting design influences of ourselves, and our network.


Thomas’s work blends perfectly with our collective style at notjust, and had to be given recognition as a creative individual who is challenging the meaning of standard ceramic & artistic design.


You can catch Thomas’s work on Instagram at @thomaslongden // To start a conversation, drop him a line at

As ever, if you’re looking for a change in Manchester barbers, want to experience a creative space that views your hair as art, or need a faith restorer in Manchester mens’ barbering and what it means to have individual style, then get booked in at notjust today.