notjust presents...

notjust a Barbershop... more a place to get your haircut, city centre location, we cut, we make, we create!!

'notjust presents...' a Youtube series exploring Manchester's creative population.

Those who are undiscovered, not yet etablished or flourishing in their practice will all be involved.

At our hair studio in Manchester Northern Quarter we manipulate and process our own garments in preparation for our line launch coming soon, we produce paintings and deliver Barbering workshops all in addition to our operational hours. 

At notjust Manchester we pride ourselves as a brand that explores the Arts and are self confessed addicts for creativity and expressive matter.

Each Monday we are closed to the public,  our day will be spent exploring the city for such Artists, people with passion and varying creative disciplines.

notjust wants to interview, profile and promote other like minded souls in the city!!

Perhaps you Paint, Sculpt, Draw, Act, write Poetry, Sew, takes Photographs or you are a Stylist, GREAT!

We will come and visit you, video and document your practice and broadcast it across our social platforms (Instagram, Web and YouTube)


OR just come and find us!!

Located in Manchester Northern Quarter you will find us within Hope studios, 



BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT through 'Booksy' app, Manchester's first exclusive Barber experience.