Growth // Become an individual in a landscape of sheep


At notjust, we are all about growth and development, and allowing our creative expressions to flourish in the forms of the hair we cut, the inspiration we draw from the city, and the people we encounter in our studio. 

From day one, we did not want to be seen as just a barbers in Northern Quarter. The Manchester Barber scene is extremely well catered for, and yet we still branched out with an idea to develop our aspirations into a reality. We knew there was something missing, which needed to be added to the thriving city. The reality now is that we can firmly say that our ethos holds true, and that we really are more than a barbers in Manchester. 


Our collaborations with creative individuals, the products we have developed to support our barbering obsession, and the clothing line we are developing all add to the bigger picture; a perfect vision for an innovative environment. 


Whether you’re an artist in Manchester looking for a new source of inspiration, or if you’re simply looking for a new barbers in Manchester and want to experience the individual notjust processes for yourself, our studio in Northern Quarter is ready to alter your perceptions of what it means to be an individual in a world of sheep.

Get booked in and discover what you’ve been missing.