The Barbering Craft Redefined


With the new year fast approaching, the old adage of ‘New Year, New Me’ will be thrown about a lot. This is not something to be taken lightly, or a challenge to be accepted if it is not going to be relentlessly pursued. Why are we even mentioning this? Because the idea of a new you is the first step to reinvention, to creative freedom, and to becoming the individual you know that you are. 

The key to the realising the individual stuck within begins with a conscious challenging of who you are, of looking at the current processes around you and breaking out of the mould. This is the notjust ethos, the mantra to growth and the outlook which has transformed the Manchester barbering and creative scene. 

notjust creatives, notjust the individual collective, notjust the best barbers in Manchester. 

Remember, there’s always room to grow. Get the best haircut in Manchester, from the collective who knows how to deliver. 

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