Private Barber Education in Manchester 

Manchester Barbering. Reinvented. 

At some point, creative ideologies, patterns, methods and techniques cannot be kept to the individual. When looking for a haircut in Manchester, you’d assume that the barbers you visit are at the forefront of what they do - that’s exactly what the notjust collective are, and we intend to spread the creative ideology to individuals who crave creative growth as much as ourselves.  

Passing on our craft in the form of private barber education allows us to expand the network of individuals we identify with, the landscape we disrupt, and to expand the disruptive waves we are currently emitting from a duo to a collective force. Simply put, we go about things differently, and our barber tutoring is a testament to our approach, and the notjust craft. 

Learning to barber // Becoming a barber in Manchester     

With our private course, you not only unlock the creativity you seek, but you will unlock the approach to barbering which is often overlooked; growth. From day one, you will be challenged with contemporary cuts, and urged to stamp your own individualism to each shape, in every trim, and for every client you go forth and influence. 

Learn shaving, styling, sculpting, and all that you would expect - with the standard notjust twist. From texturing and skin fades to beard shaping and traditional shaving, be prepared to learn the basics with a modern edge, up to advanced elements of barbering and ultimately learning how to unlock your creative flair. We are all individuals, and barbering will bring that out in you. 

Learn more with the 10 week programme and the Manchester barbering workshops from notjust.