Exclusive Manchester Barbers

The exclusivity of our books is a testament to the consistent growth of notjust. As every day passes, we continue to strive in transforming the landscape of manchester barbers, developing a new meaning to what is not only the best barbers in Manchesters’ Northern Quarter, but a creative output to the city that surrounds us. 

So what does this all mean if you’re looking for something different when it comes to getting a haircut in Manchester? And how do you navigate the countless barbers in the city to end up with a creative collective who will transform your hair and challenge you to release the individual inside screaming to get out? We will show you the way, starting with your haircut. 

This all may sound too poetic, but we take the pursuit of creative individuality and challenging our clients to break the mould seriously. It is with this approach that we are rapidly growing towards closing our books, and becoming the first exclusive barbers in Manchester for clients who take art, mutual creativity and inspired style seriously too. 

You may be used to getting the same cut every few weeks and sticking with what you know. We challenge you to challenge yourself. Break out of your tradition, reach out of your comfort zone and get the cut the inner you deserves. After all, that’s how we all grow. 

Challenge yourself to release the creativity inside of you. It all starts with a unique haircut. 

Get booked in with the notjust collective.