The Medium Collection - notjust products

Constantly striving to become notjust a manchester barbers, the collective are always pursuing avenues to display our ethos in concrete form. One such initiative is the mediums range. A way to challenge the modern landscape of male grooming products, the notjust mediums are minimal, clean, and inspired by the creativity of the people and the city around us. 

// Durable Mens Hair Chalk 

The notjust chalk is the driest in the medium range, and a true revive of an often overlooked staple in mens grooming. Crafted to have a strong hold with a none greasy finish, the notjust men’s hair chalk is durable, with a natural finish and sweet scent. The collective recommends combining the chalk with the hugely popular undercoat, another staple in their hair products for men range. 

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// Mens Hair Pastel

Ideal for men looking for a hair product with next to no shine, the best-selling notjust pastel is the perfect blend of a strong hold and texture-enhancing medium, and should be used to add extra texture and finishing touches to the style of your choice. 

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// The notjust Acrylic  

The acrylic for men from the collective is the perfect product for thick and hard to manage hair styles. Like all of the mediums in our range, the acrylic has a unique fruity scent, adding to subtle shine and firm hold for men who are looking for a hair product with firm, no-shine hold for thick hair. 

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// notjust an Undercoat 

The age of standard sea salt spray is over, with a new product to challenge the norm of barbering and new grooming and hair styling products. The notjust undercoat combines the classic sea salt spray with coconut oil, for a combined conditioner and pre-style primer, void of shine and perfect for all types of hair. Whether you have dry, thick frizzy or curly hair, the undercoat will get your hair prepped and primed for the style you’ll be adopting. 

The ultimate in mens hair products - The creative future is here. 

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