Undercoat 250ml

Undercoat 250ml


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UNDERCOAT is the base for all notjust hair products. The NEW style of sea salt spray that gives you all the texture, grit & grip with the added protection and nourishment from essential coconut oil.

*Coconut oil acts as a conditioner which will help if you have dry/thick/frizzy/curly hair! OR if your hair is fine & lightweight the sea salt with give you all the texture and added thickness you need!

*Apply to towel dried hair and blow dry into shape, or leave to air dry for a beachy lived in look*

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notjust Men’s Hair Products - The Undercoat 

The Undercoat is what ties all of the notjust mediums together. A product manufactured to deal with the winds of the cold North, a true Manchester-inspired medium used to support whichever hair product you choose from the collection. 

Whether you slick your hair back, keep it simple with a light, firm chalk hold, or go for the full acrylic look with a signature style, the Undercoat is there to finish each unique styling off with a sold texture and grip. 

The benefit of the undercoat is that you do not have to settle on a thick, messy hair product that also holds in all weathers. Think of the undercoat as a protective layer that shields your original style. This means you can settle on the products you want, and strategically use the undercoat to keep the style in place. 

It's Men's Hair Styling, with a little added thought for the end result. Do things the notjust way for a unique hairstyle that holds.