Pastel 100ml

Pastel 100ml

4.95 every month

You never have to worry about running out of hair product again!

We have set up our hair styling mediums to be sent directly to your door every third month.

PASTEL is our hottest seller by a milestone! It presents the perfect balance of strong hold, texture enhancement and no shine! A no fuss solution, matte finish product that simply does what it’s supposed to do. Scent: Coconut

Note* This is a subscription service, billed monthly on the same day of each month.

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Men’s Hair Products - Notjust Pastel

The pastel is notjust in a medium. A strong, durable product used to combat the minimal offerings within the existing mens hair product landscape. 

As a medium, the pastel is all about balance. Gone are the days of taking a handful of product and hoping for the best - The pastel from notjust is minimal, fresh, and used to enhance existing textures without adding any unnecessary shine.  

Looking to change your existing hair product line? Are you embracing a time for change and want to encounter men’s pastel from barbers who are doing things differently?

*Use with the Primer for extra texture. Recommended for minimal styling with a strong hold.