Pastel 100ml

Pastel 100ml


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PASTEL is our most popular. It has the perfect balance, strong hold, texture enhancement and next to no shine.

*Use UNDERCOAT as a prep for extra texture and grit*

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Men’s Hair Products - Notjust Pastel

The pastel is notjust in a medium. A strong, durable product used to combat the minimal offerings within the existing mens hair product landscape. 

As a medium, the pastel is all about balance. Gone are the days of taking a handful of product and hoping for the best - The pastel from notjust is minimal, fresh, and used to enhance existing textures without adding any unnecessary shine.  

Looking to change your existing hair product line? Are you embracing a time for change and want to encounter a men’s pastel from the Manchester barbers who are doing things differently? Start with the Pastel from the barbering collective. 

*Use with the Undercoat for extra texture. Recommended for minimal styling with a strong hold.