Acrylic 100ml

Acrylic 100ml

4.95 every month

You never have to worry about running out of hair product again!

We have set up our hair styling mediums to be sent directly to your door every third month.

ACRYLIC, allows the light to reflect off your hair creating a healthy, non-greasy shine. A high hold medium that works tremendously on thick and hard to manage hair, a petroleum based product that is made to last! (water based products dry out too quick) Scent: Tropical

Note* This is a subscription service, billed monthly on the same day of every month.

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Mens’ Hair Products - notjust Acrylic

The acrylic from notjust is the ideal solution to those of you with hard to manage hair. And whether that’s men looking for a solution to style their thick hair (without resorting to the wet look of a pomade), or individuals just looking to change up their hair product range, the acrylic from notjust provides a unique angle. 

In typical notjust style, this medium has blended together the love for a firm hold, without the need for the wet look. Many barbers across Manchester and beyond may reach for a pomade as an initial point of styling, leaving many of their clients to believe that this is the go-to medium. We’re here to break the mould, and offer the alternative. Particularly, if you’ve got thick hair and aren’t a fan of the wet look, then the acrylic is perfect for you. 

notjust influence on a classic medium. Do hair styling correctly. Minimal / Firm / Unique /