2018 Hair Trends - Manchester & Beyond

Much like fashion and the individual ideologies of a person, styles and trends change rapidly. At notjust, this change is regarded as an evolution, a way in which the artistry of hair blends with the outlook of the time. Or, simply put, how style reflects haircuts alongside fashion and the natural progressions of stylistic growth. 

With this in mind, we’ve outlined the 4 haircut trends for 2018 which are challenging the norms of conventional cuts. 


First up is 'The Sparrow', a refreshing take on an already laid-back and classic style. The fringe is disconnected as a standout-feature, alongside texturised side layers to support the fringe to complete the well-rounded look. Fans of the retro slicked-back styles are migrating towards The Sparrow as a means of breaking out of the confines of what they know. A disruption of personal style, straight from the notjust Northern Quarter studio. 



Next up is the notjust take on the relaxed fringe, updated with individual stylings including the chiselled fringe and relaxed crop. As spring starts to develop and the SS18 season starts to focus on cleaner, minimal summer styles, we predict an increase in this style as individuals across Manchester go in search of a cut that matches a relaxed summer style, whilst still maintaining their unique ideologies and sense of individuality.  


The Uniform Layered cut is a perfect blend of smart and casual, ideal for the city-centre worker looking for a style that works in all backdrops. Another relaxed style, this is scissor cut to precision with characterised contours and a seamless blend throughout. 



Last up in our 2018 haircut trends compilation is Le Femme textured modern crop, a style based on combining the connected with the disconnected, and an experimentation of length. A true challenge of original styling, the cut focuses on a blunt fringe with elongated sideburns and an internal disconnection. The perfect way for change to emerge, from a modern style perspective. 

Discovering the Perfect Style for You in 2018

Ultimately, the individual choice to seek the best haircut in Manchester is up to you. And, when we say best, this is not a singular reference to the stylings received (which you will not find anywhere else in the city). To say ‘the best’ is to reference not only what we are, but our continual growth in what we aim to become. A challenge to ourselves, and a challenge for our clients to grow as the individuals they are. 

Look at it this way… You are an individual. You are not a suit, a number, or a head in a cubicle. You are more than what a corporate identity or a blanket ideology pushes you towards, and the sooner you can learn to challenge this, the sooner the individual inside will emerge. Start with a cut, with a style revival, and emerge in 2018 onwards as a unique offering to your surroundings. 

It all starts with notjust.